Model for cleansing skin mask

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Skincare Demostration

Capturing the Beauty of Radiant Skin

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a skincare demonstration hosted by Seacret, a company known for its Dead Sea mud-based skincare products. The event was held at a local spa, and the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as attendees eagerly awaited the chance to learn more about Seacret’s products and experience their transformative effects firsthand.

A Portrait of Radiant Skin

As the skincare model gracefully applied the Dead Sea mud mask to one side of her face, I was immediately struck by the contrast between the treated and untreated skin. The mask, a rich, mineral-infused blend, adhered evenly to the skin, creating a dramatic before-and-after effect.

To capture this dramatic contrast, I used my Nikon D750 with a 24-70mm 2.8 lens. I set the ISO to 400, the F-stop to 1/250, and the aperture to 4.0. This combination of settings allowed me to achieve a sharp, well-lit portrait with a shallow depth of field, ensuring that the focus remained on the model’s face and the transformative power of the Dead Sea mud mask.

External Flash for Enhanced Illumination

To further enhance the illumination of the scene, I employed an external flash. The flash provided a soft, diffused light that accentuated the model’s features and the texture of the Dead Sea mud mask. This technique ensured that the photo captured every detail of the skincare demonstration, highlighting the transformative power of the Dead Sea mud mask.

The Power of Skincare

As I photographed the skincare demonstration, I was captivated by the model’s radiant complexion. The Dead Sea mud mask had visibly improved the texture and tone of her skin, leaving it looking refreshed, revitalized, and glowing with health.

This photoshoot was a reminder of the transformative power of skincare. With the right products and application techniques, we can all achieve healthy, radiant skin that reflects our inner beauty.

Model for cleansing skin mask


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