A Cheese delicacy at Restaurant Le Sam, Bistro


A Culinary Delight

Capturing the Essence of Simplicity – Fried Cheese

In the heart of Quebec’s vibrant culinary scene, I embarked on a food photography project that would highlight the understated beauty of a simple dish – fried cheese. The goal was to elevate this humble comfort food to an art form, capturing its essence and textures in a way that would tantalize the taste buds.

The photoshoot took place in a charming restaurant, where the warm glow of natural light bathed the scene in a soft, inviting ambiance. I positioned my Sony A6000, equipped with a prime 16mm 2.8 lens, to capture the fried cheese from various angles and perspectives.

To maintain a balance between natural light and controlled exposure, I set the ISO to 800, the F-stop to 1/250, and the aperture to 4.0. This combination ensured that the fried cheese remained the focal point while preserving the natural lighting of the restaurant

As I began shooting, I focused on capturing the intricate details of the fried cheese – the golden-brown crust, the gooey melted cheese, and the subtle texture of the bread. I experimented with different compositions, incorporating elements of the restaurant’s décor to create a visually appealing backdrop.

The final result was a series of photographs that transformed a simple dish into a culinary masterpiece. The fried cheese, in all its crispy, gooey glory, became the star of the show, its textures and flavors captured with precision and artistry.

This photoshoot exemplifies how the power of food photography is used to elevate everyday dishes to an art form, reminding us that beauty and flavor can reside in the most unexpected places.

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